Eco-friendly. Creative. Botanical body care for animals and humans.

Wilderness  and Peneda-Gerês Biosphere Reserve, our home.

Poetry, stories, journaling, artwork, soundscapes, laugh and dreams.

All in one. To get fun.

To inspire your daily living… the feeling behind our creations.

Welcome. This is our story.


Quiet minds.

Hardworking hands.

Why we make things and why it matters? Craftsmanship.

Small scale, small batches.

Deep work is our manifesto.

A generous act of love, integrity,

creativity and giving.

A way of learning and sharing.

You. Us. Me. Them. Everybody is important.

Our approach


Raw materials from small scale organic farmers, family owned businesses. Because small is beautiful. Small is simple. Small is: human scale.



Where the alchemy happens. Our lab is fueled with sustainable energy in its purest form: our hands. Our hands and minds fuelled by creativity.



Our values relate to the place we call home, a place to get good dreams. Peneda Gerês Biosphere Reserve and the inspiration we live in.



For the endangered species and abandoned pets. 10% of every product purchased is donated to help animals in need. Why not?

“Simple, organic, creative handcrafted products for you. Protection of the environment, protection of abandoned pets and endangered species and nurturing small independent artists and farmers. Peace of mind. This is what you get. This is what you’ll nurture.”

A Letter To You

Are creative work and nature separated?

Does Nature pushes us to go beyond?

With our nerves, heart, legs and arms wide open?

We embark several times into the woods.

To just observe. Be present.

To question and be questioned.

To listen. To grow.

The process of crafting things is more than a physical, mental or creative activity.

It’s spiritual.

There’s this relation between simplicity, grace, knowledge and learning.

And peace. Yes, peace. And beauty too.

Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Neurology, Herbology, Chinese Medicine, Taoism, Buddhism, Productivity, Sport, Simplicity, Minimalism, Art, Craftsmanship… etc and etc…

Are these separate things or an intrincated wholeness and harmony?

Nature reminds us of our potential for real direct connection and creation.

Are we losing this connection and this creation in the digital era?

Our personhood? Our attention’s autonomy? Our freedom?

Life is this crazy adventure.

We are crazy, we love to be crazy.

That’s why we picked up a dog from the street in the middle of nothing.

In the middle of darkness. She was injured. Deeply injured.

It was one of those cases of life and death.

And there we were. Broke.

With a dog we didn’t know nothing about and a bill of several thousand euros.

What would you do?

We stepped into the abyss. And we loved it.

Maria, our dog, opened doors to us.

We didn’t choose. We acted.

That’s why connecting to other small craftworkers, abandoned pets and endangered species thrills us.

We’re humans trying to learn.

Making mistakes, a lot of them.

Having fun.

So, this is our story.

Our story is a deliberate leap into the unknown, where the wild things are.

Our work, the manifestation of this inner wilderness we humans have.

natural human

Our craftlab products. Eco-friendly, pure, botanical, small batch, bodycare. The Natural Human.

rio mongi

Books, poetry, writting. Rio Mongi’s texts and art, for the surviving child, the creative adult. And their companions.

dives and tides

Drawings, prints, mix media art and crafts. Dives and tides to slowly breathe and plunge into.