You want to look your best right?

And you want an organic, creative and eco-friendly grooming on top of that?

Face cleansers and moisturisers play a vital part in promoting healthy looking skin or beard.

A good face cleanser will also scrub and help you keep your skin in top condition. Why?

It will help by removing dead skin cells which form on the surface of your skin.

Face cleansers and moisturisers are a good thing because:

(1) they help remove dirt and grime;

(2) they help spot prevention and clearer complexion;

(3) improve your shave;

(4) flake free skin;

(5) will mimic skin rejuvenation to boost your skin with a new burst of life;

(6) if you have a beard you’ll want an extra mild cleanser to protect your skin beneath and to get an effective hygiene of your must have beard.

Our face cleansers are actually extra-virgin olive oil soaps and can give you an extra mild care.

You can make face masks with them, which is a deep way of cleansing your skin or beard.

But you know, overuse can result in your skin and beard being stripped of the natural oils it needs to retain elasticity, as well as over-drying your skin or beard.

That’s the reason why you need a face or beard oil after the cleanse.

We have a face and beard oil, an after shave balm and three extra mild olive oil soaps for you to wash your face or beard or for you to use during  shaving.

Grooming should be simple, practical and pragmatic… and this happens because of the beauty of using organic ingredients full of natural properties.

On top of that a natural handmade formulation to fully enhance these natural properties.