of every product purchased is donated

to animal protection organizations.

The H.A.P.P.Y. Benefit

We feel that there is still much to do in the field of animal protection and advocacy.

We feel that animals do not yet have the place they deserve.

They give us so much and we sometimes give them very little.

This is how we work. Simple math.

Our dog Maria is the reason why we developed the H.A.P.P.Y. Benefit.

Want to know what H.A.P.P.Y. really means?

  • H for Help
  • A for Animals
  • P for Pacify
  • P for Protect
  • Y for You

Help Animals Pacify and Protect You.

Very simple isn’t it?

Organizations we work with


The RIAS – Research and recovery center for the wildlife of Ria Formosa main goals are the recovery of wild animals; the investigation of risk factors for their conservation; and environmental education of the general population on the importance of biodiversity.

A global impact on the conservation of populations and wildlife species, not only in the Ria Formosa, but throughout the country, that is their aim.

Functioning as a wildlife hospital, the work of  RIAS is the reception and treatment of animals that are found injured or debilitated and subsequent release, whenever possible, at the place where they were found.

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Animais de Rua was born little by little. In 2005, a group of friends joined with the aim of raising funds to sterilize a colony of street cats living in very precarious conditions in the city of Porto. They managed the funds and all cats were sterilized and dewormed. The difference in the quality of life of those animals, before lean and injured, changed and made them want to be able to improve the lives of more homeless animals.

They got to know about more and more cases of animals drowned or buried alive, puppies dying victims of disease or run over.

And so they decided to create a working group for the sterilization of street animals or other animals in need.

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