I’m a store owner. How do I get more information?

Great! Just email us directly to hello@ateliernaoh.com or call us to +351 936012434.

Can I order over the phone?

Yes, you can always order over the phone (+351 936012434), although our occasional free shipping offers and other discounts will only apply to orders placed online.

Checking Order Status?

Once your item is shipped you should receive an email tracking in your inbox. 

Shipping Information?

Inside European Union, orders above €50, shipping is free.

For the Rest of Europe and Worldwide, shipping is free for orders above 60€.

We will ship your order within 5 business days and usually quicker than that. Realistically, you’re looking at a week to receive your order after it has been placed (most deliveries take 5-8 business days).

Flat rate shipping costs are as follows:

  • for Portugal

> 50 g – 100 g …….. €2,30

> 100 g – 500 g …… €3,05

> 500 g – 2 kg …….. €5,40

  • for European Union countries

> 50 g – 100 g …….. €3,90

> 100 g – 250 g …… €5,00

> 250 g – 500 g …… €6,50

> 500 g – 1 Kg …….. €9,60

> 1 Kg – 2 Kg …….. €15,50

  • for the rest of Europe and Worldwide

> 50 g – 100 g …….. €4,30

> 100 g – 250 g …… €5,80

> 250 g – 500 g …… €9,10

> 500 g – 1 Kg …… €16,60

> 1 Kg – 2 Kg ……. €24,30

Other Questions About Your Order?

If you have any questions regarding your order not already answered on our help page, please contact us at +351936012434 or email to hello@ateliernaoh.com. Please keep in mind that our hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 7 pm.

Where did the name Nature Orchestra come from?

For us Nature is like an Orchestra. You see a lot of things happening at the same time. Our products are like that. They were designed with a multi-functioning attitude in mind. Fast to adapt to circumstances, no bullshit. If you want an oil to be used on your face, there you have it, but if you want to use it in your body too, why not? On your beard? Why not? On your red skin? Why not?

What's your philosophy? Why you create the way you create your products?

Why having 10 products for your skincare if you can have one that’s really good? And organic? And natural? You protect yourself from harsh chemicals. Can you imagine the quantity of harsh chemicals you put in your body everyday? We are very simple and pragmatic persons but we also love depth and richness in our products.


Why are your products so high?

As much as two years of work can go into the development of a new composition. High-end creation is a long, multi phase process that takes enormous amount of time. The product represents dozens of hours of brainstorming, working, hiking, maceration, and we never cut corners on anything. It takes hours to make a soap, to make a face oil, to make a perfume, the oils have to macerate, the soaps undergoe a curing process. Everything we do is organic, raw materials are expensive and high quality vegetable oils have reached astronomical prices. We never use the cheap bullshit synthetic ingredients. The results are gorgeous and once you’ve experienced them, we think you’ll agree that is worth it. Plus, the more quality a product has, the more nurturing properties and, a funny thing, it will last longer, you will use it sparingly because the product is so damn concentrated that it will last much longer. Much longer than the crap of the industry. It’s your skin and your life my friend.

Do you use animal ingredients in your creations? Is your company cruelty-free?

Good news! Our products are vegan and cruelty-free. Beauty is even more beautiful when no one has to suffer. Our entire collection is not tested on animals either. We are proud to be the living proof that there is no need to torture animals to compose high quality and creative products.

Are your products 100% natural and organic?

Our products are 100% natural but not 100% organic for a lot of reasons. We don’t use synthetic bullshit because there is no need to use them. We use naturally derived preservatives extracted from plants. No parabens, no SLS, nothing of that shit.

How do I find a product that is right for me?

The internet made us too much anxious and before you choose any of our products do a couple of things: first, be patient, be calm, be focused. Read every info about our products. We noticed very few people actually read the info about a product. It’s your life, your attention, your focus. Then, in doubt, ask us everything because we’re here to help. Truly.

Does a product acts differently on each person who wears it?

That’s the beauty of it. We’re all different. Every one has different needs. It depends on the condition of your skin and lifestyle, particularly the diet. 

My soap is mucky and I see separation occurring, is this normal?

Welcome to the world of truly natural bodycare. Nothing is perfect. Nature is raw, it’s perfectly imperfect. We were all taught by the industry, how a product should be and act. It’s in our unconscious. The qualities of the soap are still there, you just have to be creative and take care. Yes, to take care of your soap, there are some fundamental rules: avoid moisture, have a good soap dish, the air will dry it. Take care of it as if it was your food, your most valuable thing, because it’s your skin, your life we’re talking about.

Cream soap? What?!

Simple. It has the texture of a cream and you can apply it as a cream. First, moisten your skin with warm water then rub it with our cream soap, wait a few seconds, or minutes if you are patient (you should, it’s your body, it’s your life), then rinse it gently with warm water. Simple. 

I'm a business owner, do you work as supplier?

Great! Just contact us by email at hello@ateliernaoh.com or over the phone +351 936012434.

About us

Can I purchase your products at retail locations?

We’re working on it. If you live outside Portugal the best solution is to purchase online. If you have any sugestion of a retail store where you would love to see our products we’re glad to know… and we can offer you a deal if you help us 🙂

How does your H.A.P.P.Y. Benefit program works?

We really care about animals. No bullshit or trend. We rescued Maria from the street and spent a lot of money with her. We spent about 6 months taking care of her every single day, making physiotherapy, bathing her, giving medication, every single day for 6 months. So we know very much how this can be difficult to many people. 10% of every purchase is put aside and in the end of the civil year we delivered it to our partners. Simple.

Where is your lab?

Our lab, studio, workshop, atelier, etc and etc is located in the beautiful village of Paradela do Rio. We live the dream of having a lab in the middle of pure nature,..

Who are you?

We are Mariana, Marcelino, Maria and Django. Two couples, one human and the other canine. 

Is Maria story really true?

Just call to the Veterinary Hospital of Universidade de Trás os Montes and ask to talk with Dra. Lisete Vieira and then ask her about Maria and Marcelino and Mariana.

What is Craft Community?

We’re artisans. Being an artisan is a complicated thing in Portugal. We’re a small country, some parts of our culture’s details are vanishing due to the industry’s standards of global economy. We always wanted to work with small businesses because it’s human. Industry is not human, it’s bullshit, it’s robocop. And we prefer to be humans  instead of machines.