Craft Community

Small, independent craftsmanship. Family owned businesses. Small is the measure of the heart. Commitment and mindset the manifestation of the heart and passion. Our suppliers are our small community, the spirit of partnership and cooperation.

Candeias ao Luar

Our pure, liquid gold, organic extra virgin olive oil, the basis of all our products, comes from a tiny 8 hectar family farm located in Trás-os-Montes. We love olive oil. It’s always around in any portuguese table. Bread and olive oil… hmmm… the best combination… can you imagine a naturally spicy olive oil? That is the trademark of Trás-os-Montes olive oil. The only one in Portugal with spicy characteristics.

Trás-os-Montes. Land of mysticism, quiet landscapes and yellow tones. Pure poetry for the eyes and soul… silence within.

Torre Dona Chama is the village where our supplier, or better said, our friends Parreira live. Hérmino and his wife Carla.

In this family, from generation to generation, the olive oil production was always a necessity. Why? The olive oil was used not only to sprinkle the traditional gastronomy and, as you know it, in ancient days where there wasn’t any electricity around, olive oil was used to feed the old oil lamps. Candeias ao Luar means, more or less, oil lamps under the moonligh.


We take a lot of things for granted nowadays, but there is beautiful simplicity in a simple oil lamp fed by olive oil.

We truly respect the origins and way of living of this family. No romanticism about this, just the simple straightforward contact with nature and its stories. People from Trás-os-Montes are very kind people.

It’s normal for them to invite a stranger to eat. They will offer you a feast. But people from Trás-os-Montes are very headstrong sometimes, that’s part of their charm and quality. It’s probably a result of their environment and the way they connect with nature.

This is the spirit that resides in our olive oil. We wish this spirit can be transmitted to you as you purify your skin. No hocus pocus here. Just simple motivation.

Fundação Calcedónia

Peneda-Gerês Biosphere Reserve, municipality of Terras do Bouro, tiny village of Covide, is where this Foundation is located. The origin of our organic herbs. This is a characteristical mountain village with a daily experience still strongly influenced by the rural way of life. Beautifull landscapes, environmental purity, the brand image of Peneda-Gerês National Park.

The Foundation was created by a group of people linked to this place by emotional ties. Concerned with the weakening of dynamics on this rural village, human desertification, loss of importance of traditional agricultural activity, the cultural and environmental heritage degradation,


this group of people united around the creation of this Foundation, as a means to unite efforts for pursuing:

– appreciation and promotion of local resources;

– preservation and enhancement of the cultural, historical and environmental heritage;

– increase of traditional activities at risk of extinction, promoting them socio-economically;

– local rural development initiatives able to involve as many people as possible, encouraging the spirit of partnership and cooperation.

Papel D’Ouro

The playfull hands from where our crafted paper comes from.

Created with the purpose of developing an industrial design using the traditional technique of papermaking from textile industry waste, cotton fibers in this case, Papel D’Ouro plays with this special recycled paper and the results are ecodesign objects.

The paper obtained due to its composition shows a high resistance and durability. Shoe boxes, bag bottles, chandeliers, gift boxes, bottle labels, are some of  the products they make. The print minutia in each sheet produced gives the delicacy and necessary smoothness. Pure silk.


The fact that the manufacturing process is handmade allows to explore the creative potential within it.

External elements  are added to the paper, like flowers, herbs, some natural, some not, creating beautiful textures.

The manufacturing of this paper is simple, the cloth is macerated, ground and made into pulp only with the addition of water, then dried.

Simple alchemy.