The Natural Human

The beauty of using organic ingredients is they don’t do just one thing.

They are multifunctional. They are full of nutritious components ready to feed your skin and health.

We use extra-virgin olive oil not only because it has things like squalane, vitamins, proteins, wich your skin already has but also because we love it.

After all, we’re mediterranean people. It’s part of our heritage.

From our craft community to you and made with our spicy organic extra-virgin olive oil this is our range of handcrafted creative botanical bodycare.

If you’re looking to take care of your face or wanting to deep cleanse your body, detox, or to take care of your tattoo or grooming check the products below.

For every purchase 10% goes to our H.A.P.P.Y benefit program to help abandoned pets and endangered species having a good and proper life.

Have fun!