We’re a story. Not a brand. Why?

Because we’re a dialogue, the result of dreams, laugh and inquire.

We were born to share and to provide handcrafted, eco-friendly and botanical goods for animals and humans.

A Natural Human. The culmination /celebration for those who go beyond.


The beauty of using organic ingredients. Why? Because they’re multifuntion. Somehow creative. And also because we can eat them. What we can eat for sure will benefit our skin. What we eat will nurture, protect, revitalize and balance our body right? Why not benefit our skin too? We created botanical soaps and oils, body and massage oils. The perfect blend for sensitive skin, sports and outdoor activities, for tattoo care, grooming and youth care.



Once a street dog, Maria is the Why that shaped our small family business and the Why to create the H.A.P.P.Y. Benefit program. This means every purchase will help abandoned pets and endangered species having a good and proper life. It’s time for animals! Time for the happy ones!

more from the orchestra

How we make it. Creative energy, quite minds, loving hands.

To our Small Scalle Farmers & Craft Community to the Ecotopical Formulation.

Plus, an Organic Extra-virgin Olive Oil from Trás-os-Montes.

Our Story

Our Story

More about us. Our values relate to the place we call home, a place to get good dreams. The Peneda Gerês Biosphere Reserve and the inspiration we live in.

craft community

craft community

It begins with organic farming on a human scale. Then recycled paper from old clothes. Yes clothes. The ethics behind our formulas.


The Uncarved Human. Discover what composes a simple and yet happy life. Writings on food, wellbeing, art, travel, nature and of course, animals.


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